photograph of my successRough Under Belly is an informational website owned by Jamie G. Jackson. I had been overweight myself 20 years ago. I saw how difficult it is to go through the day without having to catch with my breath and worrying when will I get a stroke or heart attack. Until I decided to live and not die as an obese person who did not even have fun with my life. I get motivated by people who have looked down on me, mocked at me, and even bullied me.

Now, I can really say with having a healthy lifestyle everything else will soon follow. It all started by simply eating one fruit in the morning. Then, it increases to drinking water and saying goodbye to sodas. No more pizza for snacks, but I munch on carrots. All these I endure because I wanted to live.

Rough Under Belly was my creation. The concept behind this is to have a website wherein those who wanted to lose weight and can spend $5 or even below a day can follow through with the tips. The below $5 has been my trademark. This is to extend help to others without asking anything in return.

I am here to share my story about being obese, what I have been through and how I conquered it all. If I can do it to live a healthy lifestyle, then you can do it too! All it takes is to make a choice and a decision to live a life and not lose it.

If you are ready to take a new journey and you want me to be part of that, all you have to do is simply contact us. Our friendly staff is going to be on standby in order to answer whatever queries you have.

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