When people begin to engage themselves into the bodybuilding community, many remain confused about the main aspects of bodybuilding nutrition and supplementation. So when getting into it, it is always better to be well-informed so that smart choices can be made along the way. In this way, you will also be able to get the maximum amount of gains from both your diet and your workouts.

The first thing which needs to be tackled is how many meals actually to eat in a day. Rather than sticking to the traditional way of having 3-4 heavy meals, it is better to break it down into five or six smaller chunks. This is because by frequently eating smaller meals throughout the day, it encourages the body to store a greater amount of carbohydrates within the muscles. As a result, the muscles also becomes energized, and also giving them the amount of fuel that they need to recover. So by having five or six small portions, you are ensuring that your body is getting the required amount of glycogen throughout the day.

Secondly, as has been recommended by all trainers and nutrition experts, it is of utmost importance to eat clean. Now many people tend to become confused by the term “eating clean.” What it basically means is to avoid foods which might contribute to adding muscle mass. Some of these include butter and refined foods, fried foods, fast foods, and snack items. So clean food means indulging in healthy and fresh items such as food items which are low in fat and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now fast food can still be a weak point for people. After all, we all have our weak points. For some, it may be fast food, for others it can be desserts. So while it is sensible to try to limit the intake as much as possible, it would be stupid to completely rule it out of the diet. This is because it would not help you to remain steadfast to your diet. So one thing which can be done is to keep aside a day for indulging in sweet treats and fast food. But care should be taken so as not to exceed the limit. And if needed, try to schedule some extra time for your workouts to burn the excess amount of calories.

For muscle growth, protein is considered to be the basis. So it is very important to include protein in your daily diet. Now you might be confused as to how much protein would be considered as ideal amount. So the smartest thing to do would be to start at one gram for every pound of body weight. Over time, try to increase the intake to 1.5 grams.

Where protein is considered, protein shakes should also be included. This works best in restoring the body to its normal level, reducing the symptoms of fatigue, and helping the muscles to recover.

Another smart tip would be to include beetroot juices as well in your post workout juices. Not only does it give you the extra boost of energy, but it also helps in maximizing muscle gains. Beetroot boosts ones production of nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels allowing more blood to get to the muscles. This allows for a longer more effective workout and faster recovery time. In my opinion, pre workout supplements should contain beetroot and other nitric oxide precursors such as citrulline. At the same time, the stimulants that are available in many nitric oxide supplements are unnecessary and possibly dangerous. Avoid these pre-workout supplements if you want to reach your full potential.

Bodybuilding Nutrition For Those Getting Started